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Charming place

Poddabie is a small village situated by the sea in the picturesque part of the Polish coast between Ustka town and Rowy town, in the Slupsk Region. It is undoubtedly one of the most attractive holiday destinations – especially if you appreciate peace and quiet, untouched nature, high cliffs, forest, walking or biking trips. Situated at the edge of the Slowinski National Park, it offers something which you will never experience in the typical sea resorts. The beach of Poddabie is situated by the cliff – in the summer the swimming bath beach is established (approximately 100 m long).  (source – poddabie.pl)

Poddabek resort

A unique location of the property in the area of the protected scenery „The Sea Coast East of Ustka Town” and in the boundary of the protected sea coast surrounded by beech forests, by the cliff far from the typical hustle and bustle of the typical sea resort guarantees perfect rest. Alongside the whole coastline, by the cliff, the wide sandy beach is situated. The nearby village offers wide range of small shops and restaurants.

Abandoned army unit

It is an interesting worth visiting tourist attraction by the Poddabie town – abandoned army unit (rocket squad) in the forest between Poddabie and Debina villages. In the area of 22 hectare parcel the army buildings alongside with block of flats and technical, radio and radar station, army shelter and  rocket launchers are situated. There are also fire units and air defence units.

Sea lighthouse Czolpino

It is situated between Leba town and Rowy town in the Slowinski National Park. From the observation  tower you can admire beauty of the Slowinski National Park,  moving sandy dunes in Czolpino and Rąbka alongside with the Rowokol  Hill.  From Poddabie village you can get to the Czolpino Lighthouse by the car (app. 30 km heading Rowy town and Smoldzino) or walking along the coastline (app. 23 km).

Moving dunes

These unique in Europe moving sand dunes are situated approximately 20 km east of Poddabie. The largest dunes are Lacka Mountain and so called the Owl Mountains between villages of Kluki and Smoldzino. The views of the dunes resemble the scenery of the African desert….

The dunes are situated within the Slowinski National Park (established in 1967). Its area covers 18 thousand hectares (180 square km). The natural reserve is included into the list of the World Biosphere Reserves. The first dunes are by the Czolpino village and spread to Leba town.

Prehistoric forest

A unique attraction for those who rest in the area.  At the beach by Czolpino the sea revealed the prehistoric forest dating app. 1000 B.C. The Baltic Sea exposed the tree trunks remaining the oak-beech  wilderness which probably was destroyed by the tremendous forest fire. According to the research the forest might have grown several kilometres of the coastline but it had been partially  destroyed by the settlement. The second hypothesis mentions the fire which was to ruin the wilderness 3000 years ago.

Jurassic park

The Jurassic Park in Leba town is a unique, extraordinary fantastic adventure leading to the past until the Cretaceous period. Planning your holiday there you must dedicate at least one day to visit the Park. It covers over 20 hectares area offering many attractions (not only for the kids!). Visiting the park makes an interesting and educational adventure for both kids and  adults loving the biggest reptiles in history. You will meet not only the 3-D reptiles (natural size), but you will also be able to seek for gold in the natural washing out place, drive the Flinstones’ vehicle or Dino train, watch 7-D movies or take part in an adventure in the Castle of Feat.